Jay Keeley

Age: 21
Jay is a kind, quirky young girl with a strange secret. She’d live alone in her apartment in Blackleaf Falls if it weren’t for her invisible guardian angel, Starless. She devotes her time to her retail job in town and, with Starless’ help, she performs good deeds whenever possible. Thanks to him, she can give out special stars to people in need, and the magic makes them feel better.

At first, she thought this was her calling in life. But now, with new friends like Stone and Charlee, she’s becoming suspicious of his shadowy ways.


Starless is a supernatural entity who accompanies Jay as her guardian angel. Since no one else can see him, he sports a sassy, overprotective attitude. With his powers, he creates the stars Jay uses to cheer up those who need it the most.
He’s grown jealous of Jay’s new friends, especially as these new bonds take up more and more of her time.

Stone Rookard

Age: 21
Stone Rookard is a sweet, dorky young man employed at the counter of Buck’s Coffee, the best local coffee in Blackleaf Falls. This is where most of his friendships begin, including, recently, Jay Keeley. With his amazing memory, he’ll never forget the name to write onto a customer’s cup.
Stone wants nothing more than to be there for friends, even if it involves putting their happiness over his own.

Charlee Bookerson

Charlee is like Stone’s best friend, coworker, and ‘sister’ all rolled into one. While his memory is perfect, hers… has room for improvement. While she might mix up a few names (or customer orders) and come off a bit scatterbrained, she’s really very kindhearted and open, especially around her girlfriend, Angel. Charlee is also the creative type, seeking her passion and a college that will fit her just right.
She knows Angel will be by her side no matter where life takes her.

Angel Pixton

Age: 23
Angel is an easygoing, playful girl–as long as no one’s giving her girlfriend Charlee trouble. Very athletic, she works at the roller rink and practices a variety of martial arts. She’s quick to fool around with her friends, and luckily, they know she’s joking. She can be scary when she isn’t.
But something about Jay rubs Angel the wrong way, and she’d like to know what.

Guy ‘Trip’ Tripki

Age: 23
Trip is a cool guy who’s more friends with Angel than any of the others. Though he teases Stone for his nerdy interests, he frequents Buck’s Coffee to hit on the girls in his strange way of people watching. While he acts like a deviant player, nothing ever amounts from his actions. He’s smarter than he lets on, but not many people know that.
Recently he’s taken an interest in Jay Keeley. He’s not sure what he sees, but he knows he sees something.

Nina Verdyle

Age: 21
N/A Yet